Ten Beauty Tips for Beautify Your Foundation.

Spring cleaning is not all about cleaning out all the clutter in your closet or dragging out all the summer clothes, while you put away your winter stash. You can also spring clean your foundation for a more beautiful you! How? Easy!

In this article you will learn ten new amazing beauty tips that will not only help you look great, it will also help your body and mind FEEL great! Enjoy these new tips for spring cleaning and beautifying your foundation!

But first, let’s define what your foundation is. The Foundation is your bare skin, hair, nails , teeth, mind, and  spirit. This is where we spend the most of our time and money that we have. This is where we need to concentrate in order to build the image that we want to project to the world and in your life. People will react to how you show up in your life. Be exemplary in your treatment of your entire body and mind.

If you want more information on the foundation, leave a comment below and I will write an article to discuss it further.

Internal Cleanse

Go to health food store and find the best method for you to cleanse the toxins or coatings that might be preventing you from getting the nutrients from food.  This will remove toxins that have accumulated through processed foods and improper food combining or matter that might be stuck in digestive elimination organs. A digestive and elimination organs that are clogged due to improper food combination  or eliminated from the body can lead to toxicity and the results can be lack of energy , tiredness , and overall ill health.


Clear eyes and skin more alertness, less fatigue can reduce fine lines and dark circles under eyes.


Get plenty of sleep. Realize that each of us has different sleep needs to feel the most effective. Remember that sleep is for effective cell renewal and for immune system health. Everyone’s sleep needs are different make sure you are discipline in your sleep routine .

Early to bed early to rise will make you healthy , happy , and wise . This is very true and important the most beautiful people that use their looks to make a living like models , actors, and people in the public eye are very discipline with sleep . Sleep is one of the best beauty secrets that we have. Invest in the best bed , mattress that you can afford it will lead to great sleep and you will reap the benefits of great health , beauty and overall well being.


Consider an Alkaline Diet

We become more acid as we get older due to the improper processes food and stress which can lead to aging, lowering the immune system and can negatively affect your overall health.

You can slow down the aging process and prevent opportunistic diseases from affecting your body by increasing the alkaline in our diet. Switch to a high plant diet that can help to prevent and reverse the acid levels in your body and maintain overall health and beauty to empower you to be more effective and protect your health . Health is the most valuable asset that we have and the daily choices we make contribute to results in the future. .


Drink Distilled Alkaline Water

Buy steam distilled water and take a lemon or lime cut into rounds and place in water overnight and drink the next day. Do the same thing every night to combat acidity in your system and slow down the aging process. Note: distilled by steam, not chemicals.

Investigate water purification and transformation filters that can transform water to high alkaline water as an investment for overall health and beauty.


Deep Breathing Exercises

Breath through your nose and fill your diaphragm. Then hiss out the air through your mouth. The extra Oxygen will make you feel much more energized. Don’t forget energy is a mark of youth!

Deep breathing will also have an effect on your brain and lungs. It is beneficial for the entire body and mind. Do these exercises in the morning or anytime you feel that you need more energy. Don’t forget to breath when in high stress situations or when you are in high emotional states. This will dis-empower you to be effective in the moment and in your life. Deep breathing can help in relieving physical pain and especially headaches.  You will feel so much more energy and power!



Meditate twice a day. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon. This will help to reduce stress and combat anxiety that can lead to premature aging and illness. Stress is one of the worst things that will rob us of our health and the destruction of our foundation. A mind that is undisciplined can lead to stress and can  dis-empower  you and color the present moment . Living with prolonged stress can debilitate the foundation’s ability to repair itself . Make sure to pay close attention the undisciplined mind at work and how it can dis-empower you under high stress periods. The body reacts to stress by producing more acid and results are poor health, premature aging and destruction of your Foundation.

My favorite tool to use during meditation is an app called Insight Timer. Insight Timer is a free app that includes a timer, community, and guided meditations techniques to help you on the journey to becoming free from an undisciplined mind. Here is a link to Insight Timer webpage where you can download the app and start using it to help with your meditation! https://insighttimer.com/

 When you have an undisciplined mind you are at the control of the mind and that can lead to pain and suffering.

Start with 5 minutes and work up to 15 to 20 minutes twice a day.



Exfoliate the body and face to remove dead skin cells to expose dewy new skin. This is very important if you are going to use self-tanners on your face and body. By exfoliating your skin you will aid cell renewal and remove old cells that are ready to be shed by the skin and you will have a more even and longer results when using self- tanners.

Make sure the material used in the formula is man-made with smooth round beads to prevent micro cuts and irritation caused from crushed nut shells that are used in some formulas. If you are not preparing your skin for a product like a self – tanner exfoliate at night and follow with creams or lotions that you use to improve the look and health of the skin.


Protect Your Skin from the Sun

While outside in the sun’s harmful UVA rays make sure to use Broad Spectrum SPF sunscreen to protect your skin from any damage.

What is Broad Spectrum SPF?  SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor, which helps protect your skin from the UVA and UVB rays of the sun. UVA rays will break down the collagen bonds and will lead to premature aging wrinkling the skin and developing hyper pigmentation or uneven skin tone . UVB rays will burn the skin and can lead to future problems like premature aging , dark spots and in the worst situation skin cancer.

The rule to follow the darker the skin the lower the number on your SPF you will want to use.  The lighter the skin the higher the SPF you want to use. Take into account how long you are going to be in the sun and the time of the day.The best times for sun exposure is early during the morning and late afternoon after five. You will still receive the benefits of vitamin D from the sun for overall health.

Apply sunscreen as early as possible to prevent hyperpigmentation and brittle collagen that can contribute to premature aging.

Skin Care

Exploring different types of skin care can have many benefits to keep you looking great, as well as enhance and protect your skin! Seek out a professional Estheticians that is well educated in skin care and make a consultation appointment. There are many different skin types. Some men and women have oily skin and/or dry, mature, acne prone and combination skin Sometimes you need an expert to help you determine what is the best regime to use on your skin. Invest in great skin care for your skin type . This is a must for both men and women. Gender is not a requirement for good skin care! Ladies, help the men to take care of one of the most important assets that we show the world everyday, our skin! If you are prone to acne make sure to use the proper medicated skin care treatments to kill Propionibacterium acnes(P.acnes for short.) The bacteria that causes infections to the follicles on your face ,back, buttocks, and chest. By investing in effective anti acne skin care you will be able to  prevent acne scars, brown spots and pain and suffering. Make sure to visit a great professional esthetician for extractions and healing masks. We all have P. acnes bacteria on our faces but certain people inherit the inability to fight the bacteria and are more prone to to breakouts. For aging prevention concentrate on all the wonderful peptide skin care formulations to prevent brittle collagen that can lead to wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. As well as to preserve elasticity , strong collagen and overall beautiful skin. Stop eating sugar to prevent acidity, brittle collagen, premature aging and overall poor health. Start using under eye cream early in life to prevent wrinkles around the eyes. The skin under the eye is the thinnest and holds less moisture. We use our eyes to be expressive! Let’s help protect them. Don’t forget to make sure to purchase good sunglasses to prevent wrinkles, fine lines and cataracts.

Concentrate on great skin care throughout the year to use less make up , especially during the summer when you can have a more even complexion due to being outdoor activities.


Eat Fresh Orange Vegetables

Eating orange vegetables has many benefits to your health as well as your beauty!

Adding carrots, carrot juice, pumpkin, or squash to your daily diet will supply you with many extra anti-carcinogen benefits. It does not only stop there! eating these orange vegetables will give your skin a beautiful golden glow to your skin!

Remember that your body is your temple or your prison depending on how you treat it. Health is a cornerstone of beauty and should be protected and enhanced. Your lifestyle today has an enormous effect on your body in your later years. Make a conscious decision regarding anything you eat, drink, or put on your skin. All of these beauty image tips are to enhance, protect and nurture the foundation. Beautiful Life and Beautiful You. Ariel Cruz